Why Us

1. A Familiar Attachment

Anyone who has had received services from Himalayan Kingdom is bound to know the founder. The quirky youth has a way with all guests, which has built lasting friendships till this date. There are many trekking and tour agencies in Nepal. Some are long-established, some will be cheaper, and some will be larger than Himalayan Kingdom. What makes our company stand out from the rest is the experience that clients have with the owner, Binod Dhakal.

For it is his passion for Nepal, his affable nature and his infectious personality that have guests returning year after year to see him. Binod has many years' experience trekking with people of all ages from every corner of the globe. His Facebook contacts are in the thousands because trekkers turn into friends and return to see more of Nepal to hike, dine, and laugh with him.

2. High-Quality Services

It is a sense of pride for us to cater to new as well as recurring clients who always appreciate our services. We do not just organize trips for them. We want our clients to delve into the nature and culture of Nepal and smell the sense of peace and freedom in the land of the Himalayas. From the famous Everest Base Camp to the Lower Dolpo, we aim to personalize the trips for our clients.

Any company can provide you with the services we offer, but we guarantee none can give the same amount of effort and dedication as we do. Every person that books with Himalayan Kingdom receives a high-quality service because Binod cares about his guests. He oversees the meticulous planning of all trips, taking care of any concerns or worries so that all our guests have to concentrate on is enjoying the wonder of our magical country.

3. Knowledge Abound

It is Binod's knowledge of the land, the flora and fauna, the history and local knowledge that makes his trek's interesting, and his love of friendship and conversation that make mealtimes and evenings fun. The rest of our team is no less. Each member is the forerunner of their position. From our guides to our office staff, they are equipped with updated knowledge. Your trips will not feel like a lecture but more of the watch and learn session as well as an opportunity actually to carry out local activities in some cases.

4. Excellent Customer Services 24/7

Too timid to ask help from our team? Don’t be. We at Himalayan Kingdom have pledged to put our client's needs at top priority. So no matter whether you call to fix your timings or to shoot some queries, our customer services are always available round the clock. Through emails, phones, and fax, you can clear away your doubts.

5. Sustainable Eco-Tourism

As much as we support the sustainable tourism movement, we want to take measures to be involved as well. Hence, we try to reduce our environmental footprints on every trip by small but practical activities of collecting garbage, depositing it at the correct place, saving drinking water, and not littering.

We want to conserve our culture by promoting local brands, offering employment to local guides, and using local products. This is a great way to get an intimate look at the lives of locals in Nepal and to interact with them. Our clients have appreciated our efforts in establishing a conversation with the locals who provide the best information on their own culture.

6. Reasonable Prices

Again, it is a matter that some companies may be expensive or cheap than Himalayan Kingdom. But by far, we do not want any of our clients to miss out on any enjoyable activities that might suit them. For some, however, that may pose a problem with the budget. Not with us. Himalayan Kingdom offers the most at a reasonable price. We have no hidden costs. We are pretty upfront about the costs. There are multiple smart discounts on various occasions to ensure none of our clients miss out on the fun due to budget.

7. Highly Professional Team

With warm and friendly personalities and a sense of hard work and dedication, our team strives to create a better environment for our clients at every step. We assure the best hospitality and the best customer service. It is through constant strive to improve through the feedback of our clients that we have achieved this name in being a trustworthy friend of our clients.

8. No hidden cost

People always have a fear that booking a trip would mean confusion as to what it will all cost. With the Himalaya Kingdom, the service and price that you see is the final price when you book with us. There will be certainty and no hidden costs. We inform the clients about the cost precisely on additional services that you asked for.