Company Overview

We are dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about showing you very best Nepal has to offer. We have more than 17 tours and mountain guides in our employment year-round, each with at least 7-15 years of experience in serving our clients with different language of English, Japanese, Spanish, French and Hindi as well as Italian and Chinese.

All of them are the Government registered and well trained in the related field. With many years of accumulated experienced in this sector, we are expert in handling trekking and mountaineering, jungle excursion, river rafting, ticketing, incentive and culture tours. Our main aim is to provide the best-personalized services, family and friendly environment services to all the valued clients with very competitive prices. Whether you are a first time visitors or returning for your 15th visit we can create an itinerary that will simulate and excite you.

Health Conditions

The Company will require a well-documented medical certificate from a valid medical institute before departing for the trip. We need to be sure about the well-being and health condition of the traveler. The Company must be informed about any type of medical issues or conditions at the time of the booking itself. The company will not be responsible for any type of mishaps and will not bear the medical and evacuation expenses on behalf of the participant. Therefore, we request our clients to consult their doctors for a thorough checkup and vaccination before booking a trip with us. If necessary, a client can also make requests to the Company for additional services on the length of the trip or stay in the country of their travel.

Weather and other unfavorable conditions

Clients should be well aware of the unpredictability of the weather conditions in the mountainous regions. The unfortunate weather conditions, especially in the Everest, Jomsom, and Kanchenjunga regions, can sometimes lead to unfavorable circumstances that include delay or cancellation of flights. The Company will cover the expenses of accommodations and food in the departing location until the arrangement of flights is done. However, the Company holds every right to reroute the original trip or transports which will be in favor of the situation without any addition in the cost. Please note that the company will not be responsible for any missed international flights, losses caused by Altitude Sickness, or any other unpredictable circumstances, and the participants will have to pay all the charges incurred. Nonetheless, the Company will connect and assist you to make the necessary alternative arrangements, but, the additional charge will be covered by the customers themselves.

Regardless of stating every condition and information about the trips on the website and brochures of the Company, we will not be responsible for the unforeseeable situations that may arise before or during the trips. The Company will, however, try its level best to give prior notice about it and take alternate strategies to deal with it. These booking conditions may only be waived in special circumstances, and in writing, by a letter from the Chief of the Company. Note that all the legal agreements set up and signed between the client and the Company shall be subjected to and governed by the Nepalese law.

Note: All the Terms and Conditions mentioned are prepared as per the laws of the Government of Nepal and is governed by them. Therefore, only the head of the Company gets to intervene and holds the authority to make any amendments.

Kindly assure that you have read and clearly understood all the Terms and Conditions involved while booking a trip with Himalayan Kingdom Treks Pvt. Ltd., and abide by it throughout your trip with us.