Safety & Insurance

While traveling to Nepal, travel insurance worth USD 100000 is a must. Accidents can happen anywhere but especially when walking at high altitude on rough trails.

Check that you are covered for the adventure activities you want to do and for emergency situations such as helicopter evacuation, and in case of an extreme medical emergency, medical evacuation to India or Singapore.

Some of the packages require you to pay the medical bill at the hospital, and the insurance company shall compensate you later when you present the bills, while some will cover the fees at the hospital itself. It is preferable to have the second package.

Health and safety including traveling alone

As the living standards and lifestyles are different from those to which tourists are accustomed to, they can be prone to common water-borne and food-borne diseases like diarrhea.

To prevent this, avoid drinking tap water or open fluids. Drink water only after purifying it with chlorine or iodine tablets, especially during treks. You should also avoid uncovered street food.

Nepal is safe for tourists. However, keep yourself updated with the local news for any sudden strikes or protests. These strikes and protest are usually held peacefully, but we do recommend you stay at your hotel in such conditions. In the case of an emergency, we will arrange police- patrolled vehicles for your travel.

Solo traveling is also possible in Nepal. While traveling alone to cities and towns should be fine, we do not suggest the same for trekking. In the case of any mishaps, having a guide makes it a lot easier as they are trained to handle emergencies.